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Downgrading From Win-10 Pro to Win-7

Well, here we go again.  I have down graded my entertainment laptop from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 7 ultimate.  This is a 4 Level demotion:


Windows 10 Pro 1803 – 1703 – et al

Windows 8.1 – windows 8.0

Windows 7 Ultimate

OMG, its worse than I thought.  It is 6 levels of demotion that is like backhand across Microsofts software face.  In this day and age goin g back 12 years and using an OS of that era and succeeding to do what the user needs is an amazing and at the same time disgusting phenomena.  What does this mean in the long run?  Microsoft is trying to kill windows 7 / 8 and get them out of security and out of their development cycle.  Now that a lot of of people can not do what they want / need to do with windows 10, then what do we do once the only choice would be Windows 10?  I have been Developing software on Apple macOS and iOS for the past 15 and 7 years respectively.  I have never downgraded macOS or iOS to older versions.  Ever.  Can’t Microsoft see these problems that drives people to abandon their flagship OS?  Or they do see all this and they simply do not care, since their bulk of sales comes from Office & Cloud (Azure) products and they no longer really care or at least care enough to fix the windows 10 & make it a usable product.  A short note: Windows 7 Ultimate is doing EXACTLY what I needs and it looks fast & sexy doing it on a Core i5 and 16GB of ram and a fast SSD.  Long Live Windows 7 (fingers crossed).

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