Removed Last trace of

After watching Mr. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO presentation and the Q&A of the house reps, I have decided that I do NOT – REPAT – NOT want to have any Apps – Services or connection(s) with Google anymore.  I could have sworn that Apple has done its best to stop the damn Google to trace its user’s location.   But Google, not only traces Android phones step-by-step, but it also somehow still knows the location of Apple iPhones too.   Best thing would be not to use Google Services and Apps at all.   Though, I have a sneaking fleeing that it can trace phones via Ads that other Apps might be presenting to their users.
Google Stage 1: Illegally Trace & Track users via the Android OS directly.
Google Stage 2: illegally Trace & Track users via Google Apps and Services.
Google Stage 3: Trace users via Ads served to users via Free & in-App advertising.
Google Stage 4: God only know what other tools & procedures that they have to illegally track – Surveil & Store Data on our whereabouts.  I wonder if this is even legal.  Isn’t it time to adopt the European GDPR and modify it to the North American needs and enforce it to the max?